Child Custody Evaluations

For parents, we offer impartial and expert testing and evaluations to support court-ordered custody and parental responsibility decisions.

  • Includes psychologist-led parent and child interviews and observations, and psychological testing of parents and children, if necessary
  • Involves extensive interviews with children, parents, stepparents, caregivers, school staff
  • Evaluator is a mandated reporter who will identify and report any disclosures of harm to self or others, interpersonal violence, abuse, neglect or maltreatment
  • Prioritizes the best interests of the child through detailed recommendations to the court on custody and parental responsibility, plus any ongoing treatment necessary to assist the child with adjustment issues
Child Custody Evaluations

Cari Whitlock, PsyD Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Cari Whitlock leads a team of highly experienced, skilled pediatric psychologists.

  • Specialized in Pediatric Neuropsychology with direct care expertise in forensic evaluations, PTSD and trauma evaluations, and evidence-based treatments such as DBT and Prolonged Exposure
  • Worked with the Department of Defense and the Veterans Association (VA) system to mentor and train psychologists and social workers. Cared for medically compromised children with co-morbid neurological disorders, and conducted research on ADHD