Using personalized, engaging telemedicine, Healthy Young Minds offers easy access to targeted and effective pediatric mental and behavioral health care through evidence-based, data-driven interventions.

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Healthy Young Minds Pricing

HYM is currently enrolled with Colorado, Florida and Texas State Medicaid and Insurance programs and is actively enrolling in all MCO's within those states. We are working towards accepting all State Medicaid Programs as well as private insurance companies. We work with our families to help get coverage for the services we provide.

All services may not be available in all areas subject to limited capacity and other regulatory requirements.

Speech and language therapy Intake/Evaluation: $200
Therapy: $130 - 1hr
Occupational therapy Intake/Evaluation: $200
Therapy: $130 - 1hr
Behavioral therapy One-time $350 intake and treatment planning fee.
$130 1hr with BCBA
Art therapy $130 - 1hr
Music therapy $130 - 1hr
Counseling Intake/Evaluation: $250 - 1hr
Therapy: $130 - 1hr
Psychological testing

Our Psychologists will work with you during your intake to determine the most appropriate testing to meet your needs. Pricing is based on the amount and types of testing agreed upon.

Forensic evaluations

Hourly rate of $250 for interviews, observations, and report writing

Hourly rate of $150 for psychological test administration

Hourly rate of $400 for testifying in court (to include travel time, review of records, and time spent in court). Retainer required 7 days prior to testimony (TBD and varies by case/needs)

Retainer of $5,000 required prior to evaluation ($2,500 per parent if both responsible for payment)

If you or someone you know are currently involved in a serious crisis, please call 911 to connect with local emergency services that can help to resolve the situation. For other situations refer to our Mental Health Crisis Resources.

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