Digital Therapeutics

Using personalized, engaging telemedicine, Healthy Young Minds offers easy access to targeted and effective pediatric mental and behavioral health care through evidence-based, data-driven interventions.

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The use and adoption of digital tools in health care continues to expand at a rapid pace, providing patients more control over their health and giving providers access to data for a more comprehensive view of patient health.

DTx are accessed via smartphones or computers/tablets, and make it easier to access care and information, monitor treatment and real-time assessments, manage chronic conditions, and expand access to motivational support. DTx also offer convenience and privacy to patients and allow providers to improve access and quality, and reduce costs.

To date, there are approximately 8 FDA-approved DTx, and many more that are available as a result of the FDA's Enforcement Discretion Policy during COVID. Only with FDA approval can a DTx claim it treats disease. Legislation was introduced in 2022 to expand Medicare coverage of DTx and patient access to cognitive therapy through software.

Healthy Young Minds will continue to monitor and research DTx partnership options and prescribe DTx as needed and appropriate.

Wise Therapeutics

Healthy Young Minds is partnering with Wise Therapeutics to provide patients with a unique, research-based tool designed to build on and enhance mental and behavioral therapy.

The Personal Zen gamified treatment app is geared for patients age 13 and older with mild to severe levels of anxiety and distress (as well as patients with other diagnoses that could benefit from this supplemental treatment). Using a unique mobile game format, Personal Zen trains the user to focus on the positive and work down threat bias. Research shows that individuals with anxiety have outsized emotional and attentional responses to threat, known as “threat bias.” The Personal Zen app, as proven by National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded clinical research, focuses on attention bias modification (ABM) and modulates this processing with casual mobile games.

Patients are prescribed a dosage of play time based on their self ratings on stress, anxiety, fatigue and pain. Therapists are able to track patient mood and progress through a HIPAA-compliant patient dashboard that they also use to inform treatment plans.
For more information, consult with your therapist or learn more at Wise Therapeutics