Speech & Language Therapy

Does your child have stuttering issues or delayed speech? Is your child struggling with understanding concepts or following directions? Has your child been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and needs support with communication?

Speech and language therapy can help.

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What is Speech & Language Therapy?

Speech and language therapy is a specialized intervention that addresses communication disorders, helping children develop effective speech, language, and communication skills.


Our speech and language pathologists assess and diagnose communication disorders and difficulties including speech articulation, language comprehension and expression, voice disorders, reading/literacy, fluency issues (such as stuttering), and social communication skills.


We employ a range of evidence-based interventions and models based on child need, including Gestalt Language Processing.


By improving a child’s ability to communicate, our therapies can improve daily functioning, build self-confidence, and reduce problem behaviors.

HYM therapists also address issues related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), apraxia, global and specified speech delays, cerebral palsy and developmental disorders, and more.

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Our data-driven therapy plans provide metrics for care, inform updates and care adjustments to ensure your child/teen continues to make progress. We measure and track development across five key areas (including physical, adaptive behavior, social-emotional, cognitive and communication).

For speech therapy, we also evaluate outcomes every 6 months, and conduct standardized/norm referenced assessments every 6-12 months.

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Why Teletherapy Works

Why Teletherapy?

Using the latest technology, our speech and language pathologists can create highly engaging, individualized therapy sessions. Care is administered in your home, where parents can observe and learn effective strategies to help their child build language at home.

"Teletherapy has revolutionized access to speech therapy, removing geographical barriers to high quality care. Kids get the consistent and specialized interventions they need from experts in their field, and innovative technologies allow us to create sessions that are engaging and personalized."

– Julie Norman, MA, SLP, Chief Therapeutic Officer, Healthy Young Minds

Doing speech teletherapy
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Therapists That Care

Most of HYM speech and language pathologists are Doctoral or Masters level therapists. All are accredited and trained in specific therapeutic strategies designed to address specific speech and language challenges.