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Does your child struggle with regulation or demonstrate impulsive behavior? Do they encounter functional challenges like poor handwriting, sensory processing issues, or a learning disability? Do they struggle with performance of daily self care tasks, homework or chores?

Occupational therapy can help.

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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy helps kids develop physical, adaptive, and executive function skills. Using compensatory strategies, therapists help to enhance participation in daily activities, allowing kids to reach their full potential and individual goals.


Through personalized assessments, therapists design care plans that may include exercises, rehabilitative activities,  psychoeducation, adaptive strategies, and environmental modifications.


Our specialized interventions address developmental differences, physical impairment, sensory processing differences, emotional and/or cognitive challenges that impact independence and quality of life, including visual perceptual deficits, visual motor integration difficulties, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, and more.


Occupational therapy can promote increased independence and safety for those living with differences or difficulties in sensory processing, executive functioning, motor planning, fine and gross motor skills, and self-regulation.

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Our data-driven therapy plans provide metrics for care, inform updates and care adjustments to ensure your child/teen continues to make progress. 

Our occupational therapists measure and track development across five key areas (including physical, adaptive behavior, social-emotional, cognitive and communication).

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Why Teletherapy Works

Why Teletherapy?

In Their Environment

Teletherapy has proven to be a highly engaging and effective care delivery model, delivering the same benefits as in-person therapy while removing obstacles of geographic and provider access. 

Research confirms that teletherapy can be an effective, alternative service delivery model for occupational therapy. It helps bridge geographic limitations and offers user-friendly treatment based in the home, where many challenges are presented.

"With teletherapy, I can see my clients in their homes and work with them to become more functional within their natural environment. Problem solving and building skills doesn’t need to be as generalized when you are actually doing it at home versus a clinic setting."

– Linda Lafyatis, Telehealth Occupational Therapist

Doing occupational teletherapy
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Therapists That Care

Our occupational therapy team includes advanced practice clinicians with a range of expertise to meet the specific needs of kids and teens, from Early intervention to early adulthood.