Group Sessions & Events

Music & Me: Parent & Child Music Group

Music can be an engaging tool in child development, helping kids build motor skills, emotional regulation and more. Join HYM for their upcoming parent and child Music & Me group sessions.

4-5 years: Mondays 2-2:45pm CST starting Feb 6th

2-3 years: Wednesdays 9-9:45am starting Feb 8th

Music & Wellness Group For Teens

Music can be a powerful tool for any teen struggling with regulation, stress and emotional expression. HYM is offering Music & Wellness group sessions targeted at managing "big" emotions and helping teens build interpersonal relationships.

Available to teens age 13+: Weekly for 6 weeks

Starting Monday Feb 6th from 3-3:45pm CST

Counseling Group For Parent & Teachers

Growing up is never easy. Regardless of age, kids, teens and young adults often experience big emotions, sticky situations, and anxiety navigating new responsibilities. As parents and teachers, we don't always know what to do.

Adult group: Thursdays at 7:30pm MST
Starting Thursday March 2nd

Teen group: Saturdays 5pm MST
Starting Saturday March 4th

If you or someone you know are currently involved in a serious crisis, please call 911 to connect with local emergency services that can help to resolve the situation. For other situations refer to our Mental Health Crisis Resources.

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