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Our Services

Health Young Minds offers a full range of therapeutic services to meet the developmental and mental health needs of children, teens and their families.

Regardless of diagnosis or challenge, our therapists work with parents and kids together to create a comprehensive care plan designed to help your child become more resilient, self-sufficient, regulated and functional.

Behavioral Therapy

We diagnose and treat children's emotional and behavioral challenges through evidence-based therapies, including specialized interventions for autism.
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Occupational Therapy

We help kids build essential skills for daily life and overall functioning using specialized therapeutic activities. 
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Speech & Language Therapy

We treat speech disorders or delays, employing specialized therapeutic interventions to improve communication and language skills.
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Music Therapy

We address physical, emotional, or cognitive needs, using music exploration to enhance development and well-being.
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Art Therapy

We help kids/teens explore emotions, cope with challenges, and enhance mental health and well-being through creative expression.
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We assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of mental health conditions and psychological distress.
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We conduct comprehensive testing and evaluations to offer empirically supported reasons for accommodations and specific support recommendations.
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Early Intervention

We specialize in the assessment and treatment of developmental delays, and offer a full range of therapies focused on early intervention
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We Meet the Diverse Needs of Every Child

Whether your child is presenting with speech delays, struggles with regulation, has been diagnosed with autism, or is struggling to fit in, we can help. 

Our cross-disciplinary, collaborative model ensures your child/teen gets the comprehensive care they need. All therapists serving an individual client meet regularly to discuss goals and progress, and make care adjustments if needed.

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Family-Focused Care

We recognize that you can’t treat a child without supporting the family. We work closely with parents to understand their child’s needs, and include them in the development and review of their child’s care plan. We know struggles often happen in the home, and encourage parents to observe and learn new strategies for success at home. We also offer and encourage parent training.

We understand that it gets more complicated as children get older. We help parents navigate care so they are involved and informed while still respecting HIPAA guidelines and the privacy of teenagers and young adults.

About HYM

We're Here For Your Family!

HYM uses personalized, engaging, and transparent telemedicine practices to help children and teens up to age 21 build the strategies they need to become more resilient, self-sufficient, regulated, and functional.

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