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Special Education Acronyms:
Navigating The Special Ed System

Whether your child is currently receiving extra support at school or you’re beginning the process of having your child evaluated, it’s important to know what all the different Special Education (SPED) acronyms stand for and how they impact the services your child receives.

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Surgeon General: Youth Mental Health Crisis And How Teletherapy Can Help

The Surgeon General is also intently focused on making sure that every child can access and afford high-quality mental health care, which will require scaling up evidence-based interventions, technologies and services – and teletherapy plays a huge role in expanding accessibility.

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Teenage Suicide: It’s Time To Talk About It

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and as millions of teenagers transition back to school, we want to remind parents that you are never alone and help is available.

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What If My Child Is Not Meeting Milestones?

It’s important to know when your child may be showing signs of developmental delay and how to take action to address any deficits. Follow these tips if you think your child is missing developmental milestones.

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Behavioral Therapy Activities For Autism

The autism spectrum represents a wide range of symptoms and traits, and every child on the spectrum is unique, with their own strengths and abilities, and sometimes needs and challenges.

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Pandemic Babies:
Post-Covid Delays In Elementary Schoolers

When COVID closed in-school learning, few anticipated the negative impact on more than 1.6 billion learners worldwide. Over two years later, parents and educators alike are seeing the effects of learning in isolation.

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If you or someone you know are currently involved in a serious crisis, please call 911 to connect with local emergency services that can help to resolve the situation. For other situations refer to our Mental Health Crisis Resources.

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