Do you feel like your young person needs additional support in school? Do they need accommodations for testing in school or entrance exams? Are you concerned about your child’s development? Is your child acting out or more withdrawn than usual?

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What is Testing & Evaluations?

If your child is struggling at home or at school, a psychological evaluation can help identify the underlying causes – whether they're in grade school or college.

An evaluation can also point you in the direction of needed special education services and supports. Evaluations provide valuable information about a child's strengths and weaknesses, informing a treatment plan even if a diagnosis is not determined.

The testing and evaluations conducted by HYM are more comprehensive than public school testing and offer empirically supported reasons for accommodations and specific support recommendations.

Educational Testing

Every young person has unique academic abilities and needs; the right support system can help them achieve their full potential.

School districts and private schools are often unable or reluctant to perform additional educational testing unless a child demonstrates significant behavioral or learning issues. If your child seems to be struggling or is not being challenged enough, HYM can conduct the educational testing necessary to validate requests for supplemental services or entry into gifted and talented programs.

Performed by psychologists, educational testing can substantiate a need for 504 plans, individual education plans (IEPs), and educational accommodations in primary through high school and college. Testing can also help young people access accommodations for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, MCAT and LSAT.

Care That Evolves With Your Child

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Getting a diagnosis is only the beginning. Many families need and want guidance on how to navigate next steps to getting appropriate services and special education funding. We work closely with families to ensure that challenges are not only identified, but fully supported and addressed.

We recognize that many kids need support in multiple areas and offer a collaborative therapy model that emphasizes cross-disciplinary, comprehensive care.

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Why Teletherapy Works

Why Teletherapy?

Teletherapy delivers the same benefits as in-person therapy. Because our counseling is administered when and where it works for our clients (typically in the home), it is able to preserve patient privacy and ensure more consistent care.

"Tele-assessment offers increased accessibility and convenience. Our therapists are able to evaluate a child/teen in their natural environment where they demonstrate realistic behaviors as opposed to in a clinic or doctor's office. HYM has invested extensive time and resources to validate that assessments via telehealth are equivalent to in-person evaluations."

– Julie D'Orsi, HYM Lead Psychometrist

Doing testing teletherapy
A therapist who cares

Therapists That Care

Our testing and evaluations are performed by expert clinical psychologists who have been trained to provide early and accurate diagnoses.