Early Intervention

Is your baby missing key developmental milestones? Is your toddler not talking like his peers? Has your pediatrician diagnosed your child with a delay?

Early Intervention is critical.

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What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention includes services and supports for babies and young children who are presenting with developmental delays and disabilities. Services are determined based on a child’s needs and can include speech therapy, occupational and/or physical therapy, behavioral therapy and more.

Healthy Young Minds specializes in the assessment and treatment of developmental delays, and offers a full range of therapies focused on early intervention. Studies show that early interventions translate to better outcomes – targeting deficits while a child's brain has more plasticity and the developmental gap is much smaller.

Care That Evolves With Your Child

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Early intervention prioritizes family involvement, providing the support, resources and tools parents need to understand and cope with any challenges their child may be facing.

HYM works with state early intervention programs to ensure parents and families get the training and tools to support their child’s development, to ensure a more positive family dynamic and overall well-being for the child.

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Why Teletherapy Works

Why Teletherapy?

Teletherapy delivers the same benefits as in-person therapy. Using the latest, innovative technologies such as interactive green screen activities, virtual sandbox and puppets, boom cards and video filters, HYM therapists can create highly engaging. motivating sessions that cater to a child’s interests.

"We’re able to create online sessions that are fun, motivating and keep your child’s attention – whether it’s using their favorite animated character or using music and animation."

– HYM Therapist

Doing early teletherapy
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Therapists That Care

Healthy Young Minds has a deep bench of Doctoral and Masters level licensed and accredited therapists across multiple disciplines. Our cross-disciplinary, collaborative model ensures your toddler gets the comprehensive care they need. A child requiring early intervention can benefit from having a comprehensive care plan that addresses not just developmental delays, but language and motor delays.