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What’s the advantage to providers to join our network?

HYM welcomes inquiries from all providers and offers a unique model where you can create your own customized schedule by choosing the days and the hours you want to work. Providers also determine the type of caseloads they take on. We do not have minimum hour requirements but do set a maximum based on discipline. We offer mentor/mentee opportunities, monthly paid cross discipline team meetings, and have built a community where providers are supported and encouraged to share their experiences.

We provide value-based pediatric telehealthcare with a focus on early intervention. Our services support young minds facing mental health and behavioral challenges, cognitive, language and occupational deficits. We are a highly ethical, patient/family focused clinic.

To become a HYM provider, please submit a resume and cover letter. If you’re a good fit, we will ask you to onboard and fill out a detailed questionnaire detailing your education level and degree, years in practice, areas of expertise in your specific discipline, license (if applicable), and state(s) where you are licensed. We also ask for your feedback on preferred case types and the specific hours and days you are available.