Unbiased Forensic Evaluations

Providing unbiased, highly professional, comprehensive testing and assessments for court-ordered custody and parental responsibility evaluations.

  • Includes psychologist-led parent and child interviews and observations, and psychological testing of parents and children, if necessary
  • Involves extensive interviews with children, parents, stepparents, caregivers, school staff
  • Evaluator is a mandated reporter who will identify and report any disclosures of harm to self or others, interpersonal violence, abuse, neglect or maltreatment
  • Prioritizes the best interests of the child through detailed recommendations to the court on custody and parental responsibility, plus any ongoing treatment necessary to assist the child with adjustment issues
  • Reporting - no confidentiality, anything learned will be put in a report that’s made available to both lawyers, parents, and court system
Unbiased Forensic Evaluations For Child Custody Cases

Cari Whitlock, PsyD Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Cari Whitlock leads a team of highly experienced, skilled pediatric psychologists.

  • Specialized in Pediatric Neuropsychology with direct care expertise in forensic evaluations, PTSD and trauma evaluations, and evidence-based treatments such as DBT and Prolonged Exposure
  • Worked with the Department of Defense and the Veterans Association (VA) system to mentor and train psychologists and social workers. Cared for medically compromised children with co-morbid neurological disorders, and conducted research on ADHD